Why A Virtual Receptionist Is A MUST For A Small Business


Small businesses are the lifeblood of the country, accounting for a large percentage of the production as well as job creation. Majority of people are employed in the small to medium sized business sector and, as a result, they are a very important part of the economy. If you are a small to medium business owner, you chose to do so for a specific reason, and that is to make money.
You have a specific talent or skill that will allow you the ability to provide for you and your family but if you really want to start making good profits, you will hire a virtual receptionist. By hiring one, you will undoubtedly take your business to new levels. Here is why having a virtual receptionist is a must for your business.
1. A virtual receptionist will allow you to use your time more wisely. As business owner, you may find yourself answering the phone too often and dealing with appointments among other things. Having a virtual assistant available to answer all your incoming calls will free up an unbelievable amount of time that you can use to focus on your business.
2. Virtual receptionists save money. Ever wonder what it costs to hire an in-house receptionist? The average salary for a receptionist start from around R65,327.00 annually according to payscale.com, and that does not include benefits. You would be surprised to know that our virtual receptionist packages start from as little as R295.00 a month. All of the same incoming calls handled by an in-house receptionist can be handled by a virtual one at a much lower cost.
3. A virtual receptionist is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week (package dependent). Most small businesses just do not have the staff compliment and budget to be available 24 hours each day. You, as business owner, probably don’t work every day of the week either. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if someone were available to handle any customer enquiries or answer any urgent questions after hours? You can have that capability when you hire a virtual assistant.
4. Having a virtual receptionist will help to build your business’s reputation. When customers find out that contacting your business is easy and produces results, the word will spread. Customers and potential customers like being provided with immediate answers. A virtual receptionist can do that for you. Nothing is more frustrating that attempting to contact a business and not being able to get through or not being able to talk to a live human being.
5. Communication throughout your business and with your customers is enhanced. A virtual assistant always answers the phone and can make sure that messages get to the intended recipient. A virtual receptionist can answer any urgent questions for employees or customers, manage any requests, and handle any changes to employees’ schedules.
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