How Virtual Reception Is Transforming Small Businesses


Large corporations have an advantage over small to medium businesses. It’s called capital. Which equate to large amount to invest in business operations.
In the business world, money or capital funds are an absolute an advantage. It’s what gives businesses the ability to expand, move into bigger offices, hire more employees, drive new businesses, develop products and boost advertising budgets.
All of this also makes money a necessity for any business, though most of us who actually run these businesses would much rather not have to worry about money and could just focus all of our efforts on our passion or business. But since we have to deal with money, we also have to manage the limitations of not having enough of it, we have use offices that are too small. We even have to make do with a staff of 10 when we know we need 30.
As a small business owner who has dealt with these frustrations in the past, this blog post around a “virtual reception”, will not suddenly make you millions of Rands and turn your business into a large corporation. What a virtual reception can do however, is reduce your staffing budget and save you money, all without sacrificing productivity and customer service.
So what exactly is “virtual reception” and why is it Transforming Small Businesses? In short, it gives businesses the freedom to not need an onsite receptionist or secretary on the payroll.
A small to medium businesses can have all of those things by contracting a freelance virtual receptionist, who can handle the phone calls to appointment scheduling. This does a few things for you. Most importantly, it gives you a contractor instead of a fulltime employee, saving you considerably not just on salary, but also on benefits, taxes, computer hardware and more. It also frees up space at your office, giving you extra resources to employ another employee, perhaps a product developer or sales person that actively helps your business to bring in profits.
Best of all, hiring a virtual receptionist does all of the above without negatively impacting your productivity. Certainly, perhaps you’ve thought about not have a receptionist to save costs, but couldn’t manage the administrative or secretarial work yourself. As a business owner, you have more important matters to attend to, and your virtual receptionist will take on the burden of your phone calls, your emails and your schedule.


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