Virtual Reception Is the Key to Being More Productive Part 2


Welcome back to our article. In Part 1 we asked the question: “How productive are you really?” and added up the time you spend (and waste) on smaller administrative tasks every day. In Part 2, we’ll talk about actually using that time more productively within your business.


So how can you recover that missing time and use it for more productive operations within your business? The answer is simple: Hire a receptionist. But what if you don’t have the budget to pay for a receptionist? Again, the answer is simple: Hire a virtual receptionist.


By “virtual receptionist” we don’t mean the personal assistant on your smart phone. What I mean is hiring a freelance contractor who can handle all the incoming calls on which you’ve been wasting time, but someone who does this remotely, without an annual salary or the monthly running costs of a full-time, on-site employee. Need someone to handle all your phone or email communications? Outsource them to a virtual receptionist.


Virtual receptionists are the key to professional productivity in the small business realm; and whether they save you a day, a week or a month out of your year, they are certainly worth it.



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