Virtual Reception Is the Key to Being More Productive Part 1


Virtual Reception Is the Key to Being More Productive Part 1


In Part 1 of this article I would like to ask you a very important question: How productive are you really?

I want you to think about your workday; more specifically, your morning routine to prepare for each day, your commute, your arrival at the office … every step. Think about what you do after you arrive at the office. You check your email and listen to your messages; you go through your calendar for the day and remind yourself about appointments and meetings you have scheduled. You respond to emails and phone calls, and schedule new appointments for the upcoming months and weeks. You read the reports and messages your employees have left on your desk, and follow this up with your own notes and some more emails and phone calls. Think about everything you have to do for work before you actually get to … well, work.

That’s a long paragraph and it’s symbolic of the long process that most business owners go through every morning after arriving at the office. By the time all these tasks have been completed, how much of the day is gone?

If you’re an exceptionally productive person, you can probably get it all done in an hour; if you’re someone who tends to move at a slower pace or whose organisational practices need improvement, you can safely extend the estimate to two or three hours. That means that in the space of a week you could be losing 15 hours to these seemingly small administrative tasks. Fifteen whole hours.

It doesn’t matter if you work 30 hours, 40 hours, 50 hours or 150 hours in a week: Fifteen hours is a long time to invest in small tasks that have very little to do with actual work. It’s 15 hours that you aren’t making decisions or coming up with innovations for how your business can move forward; it’s 15 hours where you aren’t interacting with your employees, or current and potential customers. In effect, it’s 15 lost hours. Fifteen hours you will never get back. Fifteen hours that, over the course of a year, can add up to a month of wasted time.

In Part 2 we’ll take a look at ways you can save time and actually invest your valuable time into the actual running of your business.


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