Take Your Time Back with a Virtual Receptionist


It’s a situation that many of us have been frustrated by before. You lock yourself in your office, prepared to do good, productive work, but get interrupted every five seconds, either by a ringing phone, a flashing email account or by a staff knocking on your door. With so many distractions, it’s difficult to get into a work rhythm where you can really be efficient. How can you be expected to burn through your workloads.
Sometimes, a receptionist can be the best way to handle these distractions and keep them from getting to you. A skilled secretary or office assistant will be able to work as a gatekeeper for your office. When you’re busy, they can send people away or direct phone calls to your voicemail, when you actually have time on your hands a receptionist will know how to balance your required day-to-day tasks with your meetings which would allow you to meet and communicate with colleagues, investors, potential customers or any other people who need some of your time.
Problem is, not every business can afford a receptionist. For some, the thought of hiring an employee to answer phones, greet guests and keep our schedule in check seems like a luxury. If I answer my own phone calls, I’ll save my business money.
Of course, answering your own phone calls is almost always easier said and done. A phone that’s ringing off the hook should be music to the ears of any business owner, because it usually means that customers actually making contact and are interested in giving you money in exchange for your product or service. When you are trying to oversee the workings of your business, however, a phone that rings every five seconds can be enough to make you want to throw it out of the window.
As your business grows, you will come to this point sooner or later, you cannot afford to answer your phone calls and perform all of your own receptionist tasks because doing so is consume your time. However, you can’t afford not to answer your calls either, since ignoring customers or partners is only going to impact your business negatively.
Luckily, there you have options beyond just hiring an on-site receptionist to do it all. In fact, the concept of the ‘virtual receptionist’ is growing rapidly in popularity. When you use a virtual receptionist, you will essentially be outsourcing phone calls to a remote contractor.
Short of greeting your visitors face to face, these virtual workers can do everything a regular receptionist can, but aren’t full time employees, so you end up saving a money on salaries, employee benefits and taxes Best of all, the work that needs doing gets done, and you are left with plenty of time to do your job.



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