Need a Receptionist? Go Virtual


Let’s be honest: when a business getting off the ground, hiring a receptionist is never the first priority. The core entrepreneurial group behind a start-up is not made up of secretarial workers or of people who plan on performing the tasks of front office support as their main responsibility. Entrepreneurs are the CEOs and CFOs, the engineers, the web designers, the product developers or the innovators.
With that said, though, there comes a time in the timeline of any successful start-up organisation where the need for a receptionist becomes key. Those people I mentioned above, the people who need to spend their time designing products or coming up with innovative ideas are the people who end up answering phones, scheduling appointments and sorting through the administration.
In essence they end up being their own receptionists, which might be all well and good if you are the kind of person who can multi-task.
So while no business starts by thinking about receptionists, every successful business eventually reaches a point where thinking about receptionists is something that needs to happen.
The problem is that start-up businesses, even those that are doing well, probably don’t have the budget available, and hiring a full-time receptionist represents salary costs, medical aid costs, taxes and any other fees related to full time staff not to mention the other administrative concerns. And even then, your receptionist isn’t really ‘full time’. They aren’t giving your business the 24/7 phone coverage that it needs to build a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and they aren’t usually willing to take on organizational tasks at inconvenient times like at night or on weekends.
What option do you have? How do you solve your problem without spending too much money? or without still leaving phone calls and emails unanswered? The solution is to think virtual. Often, when it comes to receptionist tasks, your best option is to outsource them to a third-party company.
Doing so will usually connect you with a team of remote workers who are experts in the field and who can help you communicate with customers, stay on top of communications, maintain an efficient front office and most importantly, get your time back.
Anything you can think of in terms of secretarial duties, a virtual assistant can do it:
• Monitor your emails and flag the important messages.
• Answer the incoming phone calls from customers, clients, investors, partners and other individuals throughout the day.
• Maintain your unwieldy day-to-day schedule and fill it with meetings and appointments that can help you build the value of your business.
All of these things that you didn’t have time to do before, or at very least, didn’t have time to do well, can be done seamlessly, painlessly and professionally by a virtual receptionist.


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