Should You Hire an In-House Receptionist?


Some of the challenges you could face with hiring someone in-house to answer your phones are:

  • Sick days/annual leave
  • Human resource management requirements
  • Emergencies
  • Administration
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Training/upskilling
  • Time taken off for breaks/lunch

No matter how skilled your in-house receptionist is, they’re still going to miss calls if they’re on a line, on a break, on leave or simply busy with other tasks.
What do you do?
Well, during this technological age you can now hire an entire team of locally based virtual receptionists to answer your calls, handle customer service, book appointments, retain and delight your customers, and make you a lot more money – and all of this from as little as R295 per month.
Let’s go back to the total value calculation as set out in an earlier blog post:
(R200 per transaction) x (12 repeat transactions) x (1 year) = R28 800 total customer value
If you pay a virtual receptionist service R295 per month, that’s a total cost of R3 540 per year to answer your business phone calls.
If they secure or close just a single R200 per transaction customer as shown in the example above for an entire year, your virtual receptionist service just paid for itself for the year, and then some, with a single phone call. Any other clients they get for you or retain will simply add to your bottom line, without costing you anything in addition, and you also save yourself time which can be invested better.
This should be the easiest decision you could ever make for your business.
Right now, small businesses are literally closing their doors because they are missing calls, missing business and earning a reputation as an unprofessional company that doesn’t care about its customers or potential customers, whether that’s true or not.
We all know how high are the chances of your business dying out. Don’t make it harder to survive by neglecting one of the most important aspects of acquiring and retaining loyal, repeat customers.

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