Want Happy Customers?


We’ve all heard that phrase ‘the customer is always right.’ If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve also probably gone from repeating that phrase to your employees to wondering who came up with it in the first place. Eventually, some unruly, loudmouthed, condescending customer will walk through your door, treat you like a doormat, make ridiculous demands and then leave when you cannot assist them.


There is something to be said for that motto however, and it’s this: when your customers are happy, your business is doing well. Stress levels will go down among staff and partners along with the morale and best of all, new customers walk in each day, interested in the business that their friends have been raving about. Satisfied, happy customers act like walking billboards for your company. In other words, no matter how many bad customers you’ve dealt with in your line of work, you still need to attempt to make everyone happy and provide a great customer service, in doing so will gain you appreciation, good word of mouth and increased profits.




Treat them like you would want to be treated: This one goes without saying, but often, businesses interact with their customers as if they are a product. If you want happy, loyal customers, treat them with respect and friendliness. If a customer complains, listen and try to see things from their point of view (empathy). Often, customers don’t expect to be treated with utmost respect everywhere they go, so when they find a business that genuinely seems to care about them, they aren’t going to forget it.


Reward loyalty: Want to make sure your most loyal customers stay? Reward them. Offer coupons, sales, discounts, contests giveaways or other promotions to give customers something back. Doing all of this will expand the reach and interest in your brand, help you accumulate new customers and bring your old customers back.


Hire our virtual receptionist: Let’s be honest: customer service calls and queries sometimes come in at the worst times, whether late at night, on public holidays and on weekends or even at times when you or your on-site receptionist are simply unavailable to answer the phone. Even when there’s a very good reason for an answering machine though, customers don’t tend to like to be kept waiting because it makes them feel ignored.


Our virtual receptionists who can take customer service calls remotely, and are always available to take care of your customer calls even when you aren’t available. Customers will be impressed that you have someone on top of things and always available for them, and that fact will make them feel happier and more appreciated.


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