Who is answering my calls?

Our virtual executive assistants at ART Call Management are highly skilled and extremely efficient .We hire exceptional service professionals who are dedicated to providing a friendly, professional, memorable service.


What can my virtual executive assistant do?

Your executive assistant at ART Call Management is able to answer and connect your calls, take your messages, respond to your customer enquiries, personal diary management and gather basic caller information at a fraction of the cost.


Will I be issued with a new phone number?

Yes, you will be assigned a new dedicated number.


What happens if I go over the minutes allocated to my package?

Any additional minutes will be prorated. You are welcome to contact us for a balance enquiry at any time during the month.


What are “reception minutes”?

This refers to the time the Virtual Executive Assistant spends handling the call.


What are transferred minutes?

This is the time you are on the call once we have connected you with the caller.


How do you know if I’m available or not?

You are welcome to update us as frequently as you like via email or calling us directly.


How do you transfer a call to me?

Below is the operational process of how ART Call Management will attend to your calls:


The call is answered by a Virtual Executive with your customised greeting.

The Virtual Executive Asistant will ask the callers name and assess the nature of the call.

The Virtual Executive Assistant contacts the client to check his or her availability.

If accepted, the call is transferred to the client.

If declined or the client is not contactable,a detailed message will be taken and an email will be sent to the client immediately.


What will the Virtual Executive Assistant say when they answer the phone?

Greetings are customizable and our trained professionals will cater to your personal needs.


Do you answer all my calls live?

Yes! All calls will be answered between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.



Can you make calls on my behalf?

Yes we can! We are happy to place calls on your behalf to relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf. This call will cost you reception minutes and transfer minutes.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We provide you with a month to month prepaid service. If you would like to cancel our service just give us a weeks notice.