Why Business Owners Need Virtual Reception Services


Let’s talk about virtual reception services and what it can offer to a small business. When you first started your entrepreneurial venture, you probably didn’t even think about hiring someone to handle your phone calls, respond to customer emails and help manage the website. After all, receptionists are part of the ‘customer service’ offering of a business, and when you don’t have any customers, you obviously don’t have to worry much about serving them.
As your company expands, though, you are going to want to consider bringing a virtual receptionist on board to handle the above from a remote location.

Here’s why:
Do you let all of your phone calls go to voicemail?
We all do this every once in a while, both in business and in our personal lives. Rather than answer every phone call and spend 20 minutes on the phone, we let the calls go to voicemail to respond to them later when you have ‘more time’. As a small business owner, you will never have ‘more time’. Something will always come up that demands your attention and the calls you let go to voicemail never get answered, and you lose customers, partners and money as an end result.
Having a virtual receptionist will help you manage your calls in as and when they come in. Your receptionist will give you the messages of the calls and by allowing your virtual receptionist to answer your phone, you will save a lot of time without offending important people in the process.
Do your competitors not answer their phones?
Trying to set yourself apart from your competitors so that you get all of the customers, make all the money, secure all the opportunities and grow the fastest, should be your goal. If your competitors practice the ‘when I have more time’ mantra of phone service, you’ve been given an easy way to get ahead of them. Hiring a virtual receptionist who can answer your phones whenever they ring will impress your customers with the convenience, professionalism and accessibility of your new customer service department, and will opt to do business with you instead of with the other companies that seldom answer their phone.
You keep missing your appointments?
One of the best things about virtual receptionists is that they take charge of your schedule, plan out appointments for your day or week and perhaps most importantly, help you remember those meetings.
In fact, by missing meetings and offending potential partners or clients, you are being counterproductive and at the same time tarnishing your business’s reputation and establishing yourself as an unprofessional leader.
By simply hiring a virtual receptionist to remind you of all of these things and keep you on schedule, you will save yourself and your business from a sad fate.


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