4 Ways to Boost Your Online Sales Using a Virtual Reception


If you want customers to make contact with you, you need to be available whenever they attempt to contact you. And nowadays, majority of them are finding products online. You may already know this, having invested in a stellar website, but are you doing all you can to make sure that you are always available for those customers to contact you?


A recent study found that more than 80% of shoppers* do research online before making a purchase. That percentage translates into a LOT of potential customers with questions about what you are offering, and why they should get it from you instead of your competitor. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would never miss a call from one of those customers querying your services?


There is a simple and effective way to do just that: Hire a Virtual Receptionist. Businesses across the world are moving towards outsourcing their incoming calls to a Virtual Receptionist, integrating seamlessly with your company’s existing telephony infrastructure so that virtual agents become representatives of your business. Virtual Receptionists can help your customers—both current and potential—to get exactly what they need:


Online Order Support – More business than ever is conducted online these days, and many customers are very comfortable completing transactions on their own. What happens, however, when they have a specific question or two about an item they are considering? If the description doesn’t provide the information they need, they will look for another convenient way to get it. Having a Virtual Receptionist may save that sale for you by always being available to assist that customer when they call in.


Appointment Scheduling – A well-designed website will make visitors interested in your company and leave them wanting more information. Perhaps they are ready to connect with a representative face-to-face to get a quote or a personalized solution. When they make contact with your company having a Virtual Receptionist available will ensure that the customer is put through to the correct people that can assist.


General Inquiries – If you answer the telephones at your company, you know that an awful lot of the inquiries are standard: “What time are your operating hours?” “Are you located in the shopping centre?” “What’s your return policy?” Yes, of course you’ve put the answers to these questions and more on your site, but customers can be a little fussy sometimes: if they can’t find it in one click, they might just call in for further information. With a Virtual Receptionist as part of your operation, there is ALWAYS just one call customers will need to make contact with an operator who will have the answer they need.


Customer Service — After you’ve turned a potential customer into an actual customer, you need to continue that relationship with great service. Did you know that the second biggest reason a company loses customers is failure to solve problems timeously? You want your customers to be loyal to you, and a Virtual Receptionist with operators who can easily solve most issues on your behalf—will go a long way to making that happen.


a Virtual Receptionist is a simple and affordable way to boost your customer base and your service at the same time. It is often exactly the piece that is needed to boost your online sales support.


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